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Interview…And then Out Of Sight

February 27, 2007

I interviewed a woman for a job today. A very nice woman, attractive, well presented, funny with a solid employment history. She was looking for a job with a little less responsibility – a career downsizing if you will. A very good candidate. All was going well until I asked: “So what other skills do […]

An Appeal

February 26, 2007

I have entered a bad poetry contest. I need your votes. Just go here and vote for your friendly neighbourhood Fatman. Pleeeaaasssssse!!! 🙂

Welcome To Cartoon Monday!

February 26, 2007

Another wonderous Fatman artistic offering for your viewing pleasure! I am going to try to do on each Monday! If I can. Let me know what you think. Any blog related ideas are welcome. 🙂


February 24, 2007

Enola Gay is searching for a UK provider of mesotherapy. Yes, mesotherapy. I didn’t know what it was at first either. Apparently the “doctor” injects stuff into the subcutaneous layer of skin. Why? To lose weight and beat cellulite of course, Enola’s two overriding concerns. The thing is you have to have lots of jabs […]

A Cartoon

February 23, 2007


The Bubble Has Burst

February 23, 2007

Chewing gum! It serves its purpose but does the good outweigh the bad? And by bad I mean the pure fuckity-offness of finding some stuck to your shoe or suit that was not personally chewed by you. I think not. I have a meeting soon and can I get what seems to be strawberry flavour […]

Sometimes I Have A Very Bad Day

February 22, 2007

Today has been an annoying day. Non stop noise and whining. A constant level of moaning and stroppiness has been maintained. All. Day. I am losing my mind. I drew this to illustrate my current mood. Yes, quite a treat, a hand drawn pic from Fatman. Will To Live Factor 23.4%

The Music Meme

February 21, 2007

I was tagged with a meme by Nutty Mummy that was what would be the three last pieces of music I would listen to if afterwards I was unable to ever hear music again? A tough one. There are so many that came to mind. Lynard Skynard, Tom Petty, Alabama Three, but my first is […]

On A Lighter Note

February 21, 2007

I had a large number of visitors yesterday. My largest yet in fact. And I got some comments too but nowhere near the numbers of visits. I can only presume I have not moved you all to talk, fair enough I don’t comment on every blog I read. But as you can see from my […]

Religion – A Second Coming

February 21, 2007

A bit of a theme developing here but I assure it is unintentional. I saw this story today and thought I’d write a little bit. A 12 year old girl lost the right to wear a niqab (face veil) in school after a judicial review. The school banned the item citing several reasons: the veil […]