the blasts, the fallout, the sickness and the diar[y]hoea

Aww… So Sweet!

Trinity came over last night with all the kids. It was a good night. Littleboy and Trinity managed to keep their arguing to a minimum and Trinity was successful at ignoring Enola’s “You don’t want to do it that way” comments with only a couple of “SHUT UP!” bellows. All in all a good one. The kids were great though. We had a nice family photo session at the end of the night.

Trinity’s oldest girl 4 year old Shalimar did not like having her photo taken with us all. Nor did Littleboy but then if it doesn’t involve something criminal he tends not to like anything.

I said to her, “You may not like it now, but when you are older you can look at them and say ‘there I am, and now I’m a lawyer. And theres Cash and she’s a doctor. And there’s Andre, he’s a pilot.'” (I live in hope for them all).

She replied, “And there’s Grandad, he’s dead.”



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