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Don’t Call Me, I’ll Not Call You

Some people are unbelievable!!!

I received a CV from a man who is relatively high up in the management structure of his company. He’s dissatisfied in his current position blah blah blah. Looking for some new challenges etc. A good candidate really on paper and I had a couple of things in mind for him so I called him to arrange a meeting.

His secretary answered, she was unaware her boss was looking for a job and I wasn’t going to tell her, just told her I was calling to speak to him.

She said “Oh sure, he said he may get get a call from you.” Really? A little confident perhaps but not a problem. “You’re confirmed in a meeting with him this lunchtime at ********.”

“I’m sorry? This lunchtime is not really good for me.”

“He’s away for to weeks after today so this is his only opening.”

Right. A bloody cheek but so be it. The jobs I had are worth a decent bit of cash to me so what the hell.

“OK. That’ll be fine then.” I say.

Then she says, get this, “OK I’ll let you make the reservations.”

“Err, no you can do that.” I hang up the phone. I’m seriously reconsidering now. What an arse!

Lunchtime. He is nearly 30 minutes late. I’ve eaten too much bread and I’m dreaming of attacking a man I’ve never met with my butter knife when he finally walks in.

He sits and actually orders for us both his “favourite dish” as he is “pressed for time”.


But I don’t say anything, I’d rather see the extent of his arseholeship now and not hire the arrogant fucker.

After five minutes of him waxing lyrical about his worthiness in any job and pretty much bad mouthing his entire company his phone rings,

“It’s my girlfriend,” he leers, “Very fit. Big tits.”

Wanker. They talk for a while and then he says “Sure, come join us.”

WTF? This is an interview.

“I’m sorry,” say I, “She’s joining us? Do you think that’s appropriate?”

“Don’t worry, my wife’s not in town today.”

ERR. WTF????!!!!! I had no idea what to say.


She arrived, we ate, he blew his own trumpet presumably before he took her back to the office so she could do the same.

All of this and he was apparently completely oblivious to his complete lack of any redeeming features. Honestly the single most obnoxious person I have ever met.

Needless to say I will not be offering him work.

I’m still stunned by the whole affair really. I wasted a good hour and a half of my day to meet someone utterly detestable.

Will To Live Factor 58%


4 Responses to “Don’t Call Me, I’ll Not Call You”

  1. This is my first visit to your blog. Is this story for real? If so, I am floored. How obnoxious can ya get?

  2. Floored! That’s exactly it. Dumbstruck and founded. My flabber is still well and truly gasted!

    The truly awful thing is that it is true. Shockingly, he was that self involved.

    Glad you visited Rhea and thanks for your comment.

  3. You should’ve found a way to contact his wife and send her this post 🙂

  4. Yeah, but that’s a whole kettle of fish I’m not sure I want to be getting into. Would be satisfying to see him brought down a peg or ten though.

    If only I could remain anonymous! 🙂

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