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I Would Phone A Friend But…

Did anyone see Junior Mastermind? How, oh so very annoying were those kids?

Not because they knew things but because they talked like Enid Blyton characters mixed with politicians. It was telling that the eventual champion got most right but one he failed on was about the F.A. Cup Final.

Probably because he’d not been out playing sports with his friends as he was chained to his books and Internet. I’m presuming he has friends.

At the end when John Humphrys (I am not a fan) asked him how he thought his friends would react the boy looked more stumped by that than any other question he had faced that evening.

I can imagine the thoughts running round his head, bumping into pointless trivia, “Friends? There’s that word again. I have one but no one seems able to see him!” 

I am so pleased that for all their faults Trinity and Littleboy are not that socially… weird. And I feel sorry for the kids on the show that are.

Get out of the house, get dirty. God knows you’ll be locked in a crappy thankless adult world soon enough working til you die for a pitiful pension in a grey land bound together with red tape.

Rant over.  Deep sigh.


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