the blasts, the fallout, the sickness and the diar[y]hoea

A Pigeon And Other Stupidity

BB2 just wondered if they had bird flu. I said if they did “they would have flew wouldn’t they instead of crashing.”

You should see him try to figure that out!

Also, BB1 was asking if anyone had seen Brokeback Mountain, no one has but it made me wonder: is it the name of the place or is it or an explanation to a doctor?


Cowboy in body cast.

Two doctors discussing the patient.

Doc 1: So what’s wrong with this guy then?

Doc 2: Fracture of the 4th vertebrae

Doc 1: How?

Doc 2: Broke back Mounting.

Made me laugh anyway. 😆


One Response to “A Pigeon And Other Stupidity”

  1. Made me laugh too!

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