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A Donation? Why, It’d Be A Pleasure

What do you think about sperm donating? Is it a good thing to do; a noble thing? I saw this and can’t help but wonder where I have to go to get paid £200 a month to have a five-knuckle shuffle and leave the resulting emission to be given to whomever should want it.

Yes, the recent changes in the law mean the right to anonymity is gone but the theoretical children would have no financial or legal claim on the father/donor.

Is that enough of a reason to do it or not to do it? Having the possibility of kids out there is a strange thought (I haven’t done it by the way, just musing) and if they did suddenly contact you when they turn 18 what would you do? Or say?

On the other hand there are huge waiting lists for people who want kids and need a donor, some clinics have even closed their waiting lists because the demand far outstrips the supply so a few minutes of, lets be honest, pleasure would be doing something socially valuable. I’ve had children, the idea I could help others do it in the only way a man has is a gratifying one, if a little odd. Hell it’s easier than donating a uterus.

Plus, and I’m not completely shallow but lets be frank, the money wouldn’t go amiss either. I’m going to have to find out the going rate for a donation. Just out of interest of course. 😆

Of course I’m presuming my sperms would cut the mustard so to speak. And that people would want them.

It would all be down to the advertising:

Donor #5P3RMTall, dark, handsome, University Graduate with interest in the Arts

What do you think, would that make you want to be artificially inseminated with my love custard?


2 Responses to “A Donation? Why, It’d Be A Pleasure”

  1. I think so. The capitalisation really says ‘cultured gentleman’ to me.

  2. I thought so. It’s subtle yet compelling. I expect to be inundated with requests should I go ahead.

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