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Things I Hate no.1

What annoys me? Many things. Many, many things.

Today though, it is religion. Or rather the religious. Let me qualify that farther, it’s those religious folk who rant in the street or feel they have to knock on my door to bring me the word of God; to enlighten me or to frighten me into worship.

It gets my goat!

“Have you thought about God today?” he whispers at me clutching his laminated information booklet and bible.

“No. And I’m not likely too either.”

“We are here to help you find your way to God.” Saccharine smile. Arrgh!

If I wanted to find God, if I wanted to hear his word then I’d bloody well go to one of the numerous churches or even the huge Cathedral that are all over the city. The point is I don’t want to find him or listen to him. And I do not want his sheep disturbing me on my day off and bleating about his graces at me. And I most certainly do not want their disapproving, smug glances as I politely yet firmly turn them away. Their long suffering shakes of the head as they imagine me burning in Hell.

It’s these type of people who really annoy me, but if I’m to be completely honest religion is a thing I dislike too. It’s not the faith necessary for it, but the single minded, blinkered refusal to regard any other ideas religious or scientific with any possibility of merit and all the hatred and death that springs from that myopic intransigent way of thinking.

Not only are most religions based upon what amount to overly edited fairy tales with very little discernible truth but those tales are contradicted and argued about by their very own adherents.

I am an atheist with existential tendencies. A basic part of existentialism is if you wouldn’t like something to be done to you then don’t do it to someone else. Forget the rest, just that one idea is enough to live a good life by with out the emotional, psychological crutch that is a god.

My main point is this, if you are religious that’s fine. Just don’t foist it on me or others. Don’t bring a tirade of hellfire and brimstone to my solitude, don’t threaten me with unending suffering, just get on with your own fretting and let me alone.

If I want to find God, trust me, I know where to look. And if you are right, then I’m sure ‘He’ damn well knows where to find me.


8 Responses to “Things I Hate no.1”

  1. hello. i just wanted to apologize for “my kind” so to speak. seriously- im a christian but, people that beat it on others drive me up a freakin wall. they even scare me away sometimes. but anyway- just i hope that you dont think that all “religious” people as we are so poorfully called sometimes, are the bible beaters. i mean you def. dont have to like religion, or believe in God– just…. dont let the ones who are around everywhere on street corners with horns give all of us a bad name. because really, most of them are not like any of us at all. and i say that knowing a lot of us.

    πŸ™‚ have a good day and all that stuff im supposed to say at the end.

  2. OH I hate this too, but do love to read some good moaning. My list would have to also have charity people. And people who try to get you to sign up to gyms. And revolving doors. And Big Issue sellers. And beggars.

    All of which I encounter on a typical day. Gahh!! Not good for blood pressure.

  3. If I may be trite…Amen, Fatman! Amen! Try living here in South Carolina, USA, the home of Bob Jones University, a place that uses religion to justify all sorts of “isms:” racism, sexism, and many, many others. The first or second question when you meet new people here is “What church do you go to?” My preferred reply would be, “The Church of Be-Nice-to-People, Fucko,” but that would get me tarred and feathered around here. I simply tell them I don’t go to church and delight in there gasps of horror.

  4. Clothed – I’m not against ‘your kind’ per se. Just the ones who bother me. I’m sure you’re a lovely person.

    Fi – I would include much the same people. I’s also add anyone who tries to give me a leaflet, anyone who tries to talk to me about market research the list is a long one and I’m sure there will be further posts.

    Student – Ah Testify , Testify!! πŸ™‚
    I am very glad not to live there. I saw a documentary a short while ago where the reporter was trying to track down the man with a hundred wives or whatever. He wanted to meet atheists in a certain town but they were so terrified of being known to be atheists they had an underground group that met for ‘games nights’ so as to not talk about God. They refused to be filmed for fear of reprisals. Needless to say this was in America the Land of Religious Nutbags!

  5. Every time I look at your blog, I hear homer simpson in my head saying “heh heh.. it’s pronounced nuc-u-lar.” I don’t even WATCH the simpsons on any kind of regular basis and yet I can’t get rid of this association.

    Just so you know.

  6. Good to know πŸ™‚

  7. that’s good to know fatman. i have a problem with those ones too. πŸ™‚

  8. Hey there!

    I noticed that one of the topics that this blog is filed under is “existential.” One of my favorite existentialist philosophers and playwrights was Jean-Paul Sartre. (I am just assuming you are familiar with Sartre.) One of my favorite quotes of his is:

    “Man is condemned to be free, because once thrown into the world, he is repsonsible for everything he does.”

    Who is your favorite existentialist?

    Be well.

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