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Religion – A Second Coming

A bit of a theme developing here but I assure it is unintentional. I saw this story today and thought I’d write a little bit.

A 12 year old girl lost the right to wear a niqab (face veil) in school after a judicial review. The school banned the item citing several reasons:

  • the veil prevented teachers from seeing facial expressions – a key element in effective classroom interaction
  • the necessity to enforce a school uniform policy under which girls of different faiths would have a sense of equality and identity
  • security – the head teacher had said an unwelcome visitor could move around the school incognito
  • the need to avoid peer pressure on girls to take up wearing the veil

Was this right? Yes I think so. Wear whatever you like outside of school, I accept the religious need to do so however draconian I believe it to be but the points raised by the school are valid. She is still able to wear the hijab (head scarf).

The one point that could be considered a little unlikely is the question of security, could someone enter a school posing as a student using the veil as a disguise? Perhaps, perhaps not but read this before you decide.

Some people will try anything and I’d say it’s best not to make it easier for them.


One Response to “Religion – A Second Coming”

  1. I think the issue was decided rightly as well. This isn’t like wearing a Yarmulke or a cross around your neck, it obscures the face which causes problems for security and even simple interaction required in a learning atmosphere.

    -J. Kaiser

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