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The Music Meme

I was tagged with a meme by Nutty Mummy that was what would be the three last pieces of music I would listen to if afterwards I was unable to ever hear music again?

A tough one. There are so many that came to mind. Lynard Skynard, Tom Petty, Alabama Three, but my first is going to be…. even writing this I’m still ummming about it.

OK. First; “Step Into My World” by Hurricane #1. Why? Because it’s just great. It reminds me of my youth. I want it played at my funeral, for it’s comedy value as well as my liking it. It has a superb guitar bit at the end.

Next. Too many possibilities. “All I Want Is You” by U2. This reminds me of my other half. Well not really reminds me, it’s not a song that we listened to on our first date or anything, but it makes me think of her.

Third and final. Now it’s tricky. There’s Elbow and “Station Approach”, The Shadows with “Apache”, Tom Petty and “FreeFallin”, Bluetones with “Slack Jaw”…it’s very tough.

It’s down to “Monday Monday” by the Mamas and Papas, “Turn Turn Turn” by The Byrds and “Run” by Snow Patrol. But I’m stuck. Ooh and Barber’s Adagio for Strings. Feel the culture. πŸ™‚

I may have to come back to this.

It’s going to have to be Barbers Adagio for Strings. It was played at my Dad’s funeral, and it makes me remember him.

So that’s the three. What do you think? What’d yours be?

Here’s the meme as written by Nutty Mummy:

“I would like to get to know you a little..

I have a question for you.

If you had to pick three songs to listen to before never being able to listen to music ever again. Please note – you’re not dying or going deaf or anything like that.. you can just never listen to music ever again.

3 songs.

What would you pick?

It can be anything you like. For any reason.”

I tag Fi , Little Red Boat and Beccy

If anyone else wants to have a go, be my guest!


6 Responses to “The Music Meme”

  1. hi fatman – one of my friends at Littlenuttree has left you a message to let you know she isn’t able to comment on your blog…

    just letting you know –

    ps I read you!! just boring old UK though πŸ™‚ πŸ™„

  2. just read this post properly… very nice choices … All I want is you is a beautiful song …

    Sorry about your dad

    x nm

  3. Thanks for tagging me, that’s a tough one, will have to get the old thinking cap on!

    I’m sorry about your Dad too, though it’s nice to have some music to remember him to.

  4. Grrr. I fucking hate memes. I may, though. Because my brain is like porridge.

    Although the first thing I thought of was Barber’s adagio for strings, and then read the rest of your post. Hm. Think again…

  5. Thanks Beccy, it is good to have something. It is a tough one, took me a while to decide.

    Anna, Bugger, like it’s not hard enough. You could still choose it, even if it did look like you were a copycat πŸ™‚

  6. NM – nothing wrong with the UK. Thanks for your message

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