the blasts, the fallout, the sickness and the diar[y]hoea

Sometimes I Have A Very Bad Day

Today has been an annoying day. Non stop noise and whining. A constant level of moaning and stroppiness has been maintained. All. Day. I am losing my mind. I drew this to illustrate my current mood. Yes, quite a treat, a hand drawn pic from Fatman.


Will To Live Factor 23.4%


7 Responses to “Sometimes I Have A Very Bad Day”

  1. I guess you’re not having a good day!

    Would I be right?

  2. Yes you would be Beccy, though it has improved over the last hour.

    Was I too obvious? 🙂

  3. ooooooh…it is weird but it works, I think. i can’t see what I am typing, but I can tell it is doing something.

    Be cheered fatman, you have a new commenter


  4. ok second try

    I can now see what i type but no cursor. So why when i post does it not show up???

    So maybe you have a new commenter or maybe not…..


  5. Yes Mrs. Hojo, I have a new commenter, Woohoo! You are welcome

  6. That is a very cool picture

  7. Thank you Mrs Hojo, I think I’m going to add a new cartoon to my sidebar, maybe, it’s a possibility anyway.

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