the blasts, the fallout, the sickness and the diar[y]hoea


Enola Gay is searching for a UK provider of mesotherapy.

Yes, mesotherapy. I didn’t know what it was at first either. Apparently the “doctor” injects stuff into the subcutaneous layer of skin. Why? To lose weight and beat cellulite of course, Enola’s two overriding concerns.

The thing is you have to have lots of jabs – one inch apart on the required body part – to make it work. And what is in these injections you ask? Lidocaine (anesthetic), aminophylline (asthma drug), vitamins and isproterenol (beta-blocker) none of these are approved for the mesotherapy usage.

As usual lots of testimonials accompany the adverts for the treatment and depite the practice being illegal in Brazil. Hmm, a cause for concern there I think.

The man who developed it Lionel Bissoon (too much like Buffoon for me) says he had a patient who lost 13 inches off her waist with his treatment. He goes on to say he will not treat anyone who refuses to comply with his strict exercise regime.

Now what actually causes the weight loss again Mr. Buffoon? I’d never believe anyone would fall for it if I didn’t live with one. So far my only ammunition to turn Enola away from the idea is it hasn’t featured on Oprah. Yet. And what will be an astronomical cost.

Really, the amount of time Enola spends exercising the last thing she needs is thinjections, she’s no where near fat! I just cannot get her to see it.

C’mon ladies help me out, what can a man say in complete earnest that will get through the “I’m fat and we all know it” brain block a lot of you seem to have? All the truth in the world doesn’t seem to work right now.

If there are any feminine lurkers out there, now is the time to de-lurk and educate me.

Help meeee…


4 Responses to “Thinjections”

  1. Wooo, yuk, voluntary injection???

    No way.Having sadly accepted that I am over 35 and almost an adult, it has occured to me recently that the roll of left over skin my babies left me (nice) isn’t going anywhere unless i get it cut off.
    If i stay thin then I have this loose wobble of skin I can’t hide, if I put on wieght then it actually looks less bad, there is a fine line, for me, between filling the no longer needed baby pouch and having a roll of fat hanging over my jeans that will not do.
    So I guess I may eat special k twice a day and have one other meal, I will still drink, I will have the odd choccy, I will not be getting injections.


  2. wellllllll…. the battle of the bulge continues over at my place so I can’t say I blame her for thinking there might be a quick way out..

    however.. injections…?

    No thanks!!

  3. I believe in healthy diet and exercise with a little treat now and then as the best way to lose and/or maintain weight. Easier said than done.

    Obviously if an injection could make you lose weight whilst you still ate and drank whatever life would be fun but I think the key to this weightloss is the exercise and people are being conned.

  4. If the injection was a one off and actually worked and wasn’t a concoction of bugger knows what then cool, but this is just hokum!

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