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Interview…And then Out Of Sight

I interviewed a woman for a job today. A very nice woman, attractive, well presented, funny with a solid employment history. She was looking for a job with a little less responsibility – a career downsizing if you will. A very good candidate.

All was going well until I asked:

“So what other skills do you have that will benefit us here?”

“Well I’m very driven and run a successful Ebay business and I’ve also had several poems published.”

“Really? Very impressive, but I was actually thinking more along the lines of skills to be applied during office hours.”

“Oh that is during office hours. That’s why I need a less focused role.”

Hmmm. I think not. Yes I post blog entries whilst at work. But it is not quite the same as running an Ebay shop and publishing verse.

Is it?

Seriously the people who walk through my door!

On a different topic. I’m very tired. Very tired. Why am I tired I hear you cry. Well maybe that’s wishful thinking but I’m going to tell you anyway. It’s because I was disturbed from my sleep in the middle of the night by a loud yelling outside.

It was a man shouting “Amy, Amy, Amy..” at the top of his voice over and over. I got up to look out the window and there he was a few doors up bellowing and banging on a door and rattling the knob (the door knob you gutter minded filth monkeys), “Amy, what yer doin’?” he cried.

“Fucking Twunt,” I muttered. “Just shut the fuck up!”

He didn’t, instead he bent down still yelling “Amy” at the top of his voice. He stayed down for a bit, out of sight behind a car. Then he reappeared and unlocked the door.

“Thank God,” I thought.

He pushed the door open and then things got a bit weird. He bent down again and came into view once more a second later dragging who I presume to be Amy up by the armpits and pulled her in the house. She seemed to be unconscious her feet dragging along behind them. They vanished inside and the door swung to.

“Hmmm. Very odd. What do I do now?” I thought.

Two minutes pass and I’m in two minds about calling the Police, but the door swings open and he steps out, shuts the door and staggers off down the road. A disturbing disturbance.

All’s well that ends well though but as a result I am thoroughly cream crackered!

Will To Live Factor 67%


14 Responses to “Interview…And then Out Of Sight”

  1. Well the damn cheek of her expecting to work and do her own stuff at the same time. I’m sure no one else does that (well at least I bet that they don’t tell a future employer their plans at an interview)!

  2. Yes. The cheek, the gall. I think she thought it wasn’t a problem at her old place so she thought she’d tell me. Weirdo

  3. What a prat. I bet her poetry is worse than the competition entries :o)


  4. I can’t believe you had a job to give someone and you didnt give it to me!!

  5. errrrrr… is it just me – or what? What happened to the girl? She could be dead in there…? no??

  6. You are the only one to mention her but I have seen someone come out (not potential killer) so I’m confident she is OK. Shame on the rest of you!

  7. Fi – you are doing an MA!

    Mrs Hojo – I didn’t enquire

  8. Ohhh I seeeeee… so you THOUGHT of me to begin with but then realised that I am doing an MA and then changed your mind? I have 6 months off this summer to fill! 😉

  9. lol, err thats right.


  10. As long as you can keep what you really do at work underwraps then I say go for it! Everyone’s doing it after all. You’d have to be a saint to go to work and just work. But mentioning it at an interview, er…

  11. :::snicker snicker::: over “twunt”.

    You don’t happen to get “Rescue Me” over there, do you?

  12. We do get Rescue Me, probably a long way behind you though.

  13. Well when you get the last season—-they have a hilarious episode over the whole “twunt” thing. Maybe they stole it from you guys!

  14. Really? That’s cool. It is a perfect word.

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