the blasts, the fallout, the sickness and the diar[y]hoea

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here…

OK. I’ve not done much lately, sorry. I apologise presuming you actually care but it suits me to think you do so there! No real reason apart from tiredness and busy times.

What have I got to say for myself today? Well, I am going to meet Trinity’s new man this evening. A man I knew nothing about it having been a big secret up until this time. This may have something to do with my reaction to the men in her life given how she has been treated by the last few. She has 3 kids, by two fathers. This makes her sound bad but the first was born when Trinity was 21 and her long-term boyfriend just disappeared, she met another one and had a good relationship with him and had the next 2 kids but he buggered off with a girl he worked with while she was still pregnant with Andre, so I am I admit a trifle protective!

Am I looking forward to meeting this man? No. I know nothing of him, she hasn’t prepared me in any way at all, he is coming round for dinner tonight to meet the family. I’ll try to be on good behaviour but I can already feel myself beginning to dislike him. Not a good start but I am at this very minute planning how to make his visit HELL! I will endeavour not too!

I’ll keep you informed, but in the meantime any advice would be appreciated!


4 Responses to “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here…”

  1. I assumed you were 30, with LITTLE children! But, anyway, don’t make it hell for him – you don’t know him yet, do you!? This is probably precisely why you’ve not been told about him before! Hehe. But being protective is good of you – I (hate to say this BUT) single people I know with children often have… lower standards… for themselves in relationships because any man who’s prepared to get involved with someone with another man’s children inherently scores some points.

    I know nothing of the situation of course – just noting that your protectiveness if probably a good thing as long as you are not horrid. Like to me, not giving me that job :p

  2. lol, I think you would be a typical studenty waster! 😉

  3. So how did it go?

  4. It’s tonight. At 7. Dramatic thunder roll please!

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