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I Wish He’d Get Back In That Damned Box

OK. It’s taken a while to get any time to do a proper post.

Trinity’s new man. Hmm. What to say? I’m going to call him “Guy”, which I think is his favourite word.

He was older than I expected, not as old as me thankfully (not to say I’m old – I had Trinity when I was young) but closer to my age than hers. That’s a little weird for me. I mean I had visions of her showing up with some laddish youth full of football and beer but instead she introduces a man who runs his own business and can’t help but talk in business-ese jargon; I think the latter is preferable.

Guy was firm hand shakes all round, lots of eye contact, and lots of first naming even when it’s really not necessary. All slightly annoying, and yes I know I was probably looking for faults but really it was irritating. The word that sprang immediately to mind was “smarmy”.

I don’t like over confident, brash people at the best of times but especially not when they’re meeting the ‘in laws’. To my mind they should be quiet and respectful, speak when spoken to until otherwise instructed. Not Guy, he was full of stories, interrupted often and had a loud grating laugh.

Enola Gay said he was OK and I was being unfair, that he probably over compensated for being nervous, and the fact that I was obviously not a fan made it worse. Maybe so, I accept I shouldn’t be deliberately rude (and I wasn’t), but at the same time that doesn’t mean I have to make it easy for him does it?

Dinner was OK too, Littleboy was actually well behaved for once, and Trinity was all starry eyed over Guy so no rows. I suppose it was worth having him round just for that.

Anyway the kids seemed to like him and he was good with them which is a point in his favour. But still I have reservations, founded or not I can’t help it. It may be me being me as Enola put it but there was something I couldn’t put my finger on… I just don’t know about him.

It was a very civil evening, Trinity was happy, so I wasn’t too bad thankfully. And apparently he liked us all. I’m so pleased. He did say “ciao” as he left though which is definitely not a good thing.

Here’s Guy’s bio as far as I know it:

  • Age 38. -2 pts
  • Divorced. -3 pts
  • No kids. 0 pts
  • Runs his own small tele-sales business. +5 pts
  • Says “guy” and “pear shaped” and “outside the box” an awful lot! -6 pts
  • Talks about himself in the third person. – 8 pts
  • Supports Arsenal. -1 pts
  • No siblings, parents dead. +6 pts (for sympathy)
  • Owns his own house. +9 pts
  • Is allergic to mushrooms. 0 pts

Total: 0 pts.

He’s got some way to go before he impresses me. Am I being unfair?  At least he didn’t mention Man Points! 🙂


7 Responses to “I Wish He’d Get Back In That Damned Box”

  1. Okay I suppose you can make it hell for him now that he is a “thinking outside the box” kind of “guy” (or, in fact, Guy.) But if he makes Trinity happy you do realise you have to give him +loads of points? 😉

  2. Mmmm. Yes I suppose I do. Bugger! 🙂

  3. The kids like him, Trinity likes him, derserves a fair trail at least!

  4. The mushroom allergy would be the deal-breaker for me. You should show him the door. 😉

  5. Ciao? He might possibly be gay. Did he shake your hand for a little bit longer than he should have?

  6. hmmm..

    Want stability for your daughter? Want someone to care about her? Want someone to help look after her, support her and her children?

    You gonna be around forever?


    Give him a try then I say.. ease up. It’s hard meeting the in-laws. And so he might be a bit of a knob, but if he’s a well meaning numpty with his heart in the right place and good intentions, hos own house and own business, then a bit of jargon and showing off won’t do anyone any harm.

    He’s obviously got the means to support and care for Trinity and it seems as though he likes her. In my experience, blokes don’t tend to go round and meet the parents of the girl with three children that they don’t like and/or can’t be arsed with.

    He was probably just trying to impress *you* anyway.. and how’s he to know the right way to do that when he’s only just met you?

    Just BE NICE!! 🙂

    (of course now he’ll turn out to be a total cock and I’ll feel like a prize idiot!!) 😆

  7. Ciao, huh? That would be a tough one to get past. I love that you gave himplus/minus points.

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