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An International Criminal Or Just Another Student?

I got an application form this morning from a soon to be graduate. It was OK, what you’d expect really, though he is aiming for a 2:1 in Tourism! Is it necessary to study to be a tourist these days? What do you learn in a Tourism class? How to speak slowly and loudly to the natives while reading from a small book?

Anyway. All normal until:

Section 3

Q.4 – Have you ever been arrested? NO


I’m not sure what part annoys me most about this. It says clearly in the form you only answer Question 5 if you answer “YES” to Question 4, so apart from an inability to follow even the simplest of written instructions this twunt applicant is apparently a criminal just biding his time until he is captured. On top of that he doesn’t even have the simplest amount of common sense to keep his mouth shut on an application form.

He’ll be arrested in some foreign city no doubt for god knows what! Forget Barcelona it’d be a one way trip to Bar & Cell of your Own-a for him.
Sometimes I really hate my job!

Will To Live Factor 62.87%


4 Responses to “An International Criminal Or Just Another Student?”

  1. That is so very funny.

    Is it for real?

    I find it hard to believe someone studying for a degree would write that!

  2. You’d be surprised what graduates would write, seriously. When I have time I will compile a list of the worst graduate applications and CV’s ever.

  3. The trouble is, a lot of graduates still think we employers are lucky to have them applying, despite their complete lack of reality.

    We get plenty looking for holiday work, they swan into the interview announcing they failed maths because they couldn’t be bothered to get up in time for lectures and expect a job! WTF?????

    Don’t get me wrong, not all graduates are plonkers but really.. there are some nutters out there wasting our time


  4. Sigh.

    Employers think we students are all awful. We students then have to sit around at home blogging because we cannot find a job, no matter how hard we do actually try in interviews and how fast we can actually type/photocopy/file/all at once.

    Sigh, indeed!

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