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Degrees Of Stupid

In the previous post I wrote about a student studying Tourism, to my mind a stupid degree. It got me thinking though about what other even more stupid degrees are out there.

So far I have found this one being offered at Plymouth University:

Surf Science and Technology BSc (Hons)

Hmm. Really? Why?


Ancient Near Eastern Studies at the University of London.

Also though it’s not a degree you can do an HND in End-User Support at the University of Glamorgan.

But the final word goes to the Aussies who are suggesting a Cricket Degree in Adelaide. Stupid on several levels. Do we need a degree in cricket and if yes do the Australians need it?

Do you know anymore weird and wonderful courses?


2 Responses to “Degrees Of Stupid”

  1. Now come on! Ancient near eastern studies is clearly “history” in a very specialised form and doesn’t deserve lumping together with “surf studies.” Sigh. But!

    Sport and exercise studies BSc at Brighton

    Citizenship Studies BA at South Bank

    Housing Studies BA at South Bank

    Are my 3 suggestions. What do you DO fatman?! Are you in the tourism industry or something? !

  2. didn’t someone study an open university degree on Madonna once?


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