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Bored? Fancy Some Trivia Or Some Sex?

OK. I am bored. Nothing happened on the weekend and today has followed suit so far. A dull day. A bland day. A day whose vapidity is exceeded only by my own tiredness.

This lack of interestingness leaves me with a problem; nothing to post. It is a problem because, as proved by my plummeting blog stats, no-one is visiting me anymore! I like visitors. I am a blog whore! I admit it. It appeals to me that strangers read what nonsense I write and come back for more, I enjoy seeing who has come by and commented (there could be more comments though people) and I like to see the new flags on my widget with their place names. But over the weekend my stats have gone very low. To carry the blog whore thing a step further I am now a lice ridden, back alley prozzy charging £5 for a fuck just to feed my habit.

A line from the film The Little Shop of Blog Whorrors, ” Read me Seymour. Read me!”

I don’t know, I’m mixing metaphors(?) now. This is how bored I am. My mind is free to run along tangents and digress unmolested. Gibberish and weirdness is sure to follow from such a state of mind. Have you ever read Jean Genet’s “Our Lady of the Flowers”? If you have you’ll know what I mean. Not to say I’m there yet but it is a slippery slope.

It is odd how when you have nothing to say you can write an awful lot, or a lot awfully, depending on your point of view but in an effort to have a goal I decided to look up some interesting (or not) bits of trivia. Some tidbits, some whore dourves if you will, to entice you. To enlighten and brighten your day. These are some I liked the most:

  • The Himalayan Gogi berry contains, weight for weight, more iron than steak, more beta carotene than carrots and more vitamin C than oranges
  • As of 2006 two hundred million blogs were left without updates
  • Urban birds have developed a short “rap style” of singing different from their countryside counterparts
  • The Lion costume in “The Wizard of Oz” was made from real lions
  • More than 90% of plane crashes have survivors
  • Barbie’s full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts
  • The total combined weight of the worlds ant population is heavier than that of the human population
  • Just about 3 people are born every second, and 1.3333 people die every second. The result is about a 2 and 2/3 net increase of people every second. Almost 10 more people live on this Earth now, than when you started reading this
  • Joseph Swan invented the light-bulb not Thomas Edison
  • Only two people signed the US declaration of independence on July 4th, the last signature wasn’t added until 5 years later
  • The “You are here” pointer on a map is called the IDEO locator

All very fascinating I’m sure you’ll agree. Procrastination has taught me something, it is not always a waste of time. During this journey through the pointless triviasphere I wondered though, what does “trivia” mean? The little word that sums all that crap up has a meaning and is surely worthy of being listed alongside the other bits of random knowledge that it entitles. In fact by virtue of being the title surely it should be at the top of the list, it’s like the chief of the trivia world but is overlooked and forgotten. Well no more.

The derivation of the word trivia comes from the Latin for “crossroads”:

“tri-” + “via”, which means three streets.

This is because in ancient times, at an intersection of three streets in Rome (or some other Italian place), they would have a type of kiosk where ancillary information was listed. You might be interested in it, you might not, hence they were bits of “trivia.”

There, the balance is restored. You feel better for that don’t you. Don’t you?

I better do some work now.

p.s. I’m reading War of the Worlds at the moment by H.G. Wells, and in honour of the bored theme here’s a quote from him on boredom:

“There comes a moment in the day when you have written your pages in the morning, attended to your correspondence in the afternoon, and have nothing further to do. Then comes that hour when you are bored; that’s the time for sex”


9 Responses to “Bored? Fancy Some Trivia Or Some Sex?”

  1. I still pop in, what am i ??? Chopped liver



  2. I see you’re going for the hits from google where people look up carrots and f**king!

    Hits are always down on the weekend, well for me they are anyway.

  3. beccy – It is odd what people look for on Google (like I said I’m a blog stats whore) 🙂

    Hojo – I hope you aren’t chopped liver, I hate liver! 🙂

  4. You’re on my Bloglines list, so I read you every time you update! How’s that for some long-distance internet love?

  5. I don’t get any visitors at the weekend, hardly at all. Think people just read blogs when they are meant to be working, really…..

    I love the quote!

    I didn’t really have anything to say in this comment, but I felt I had to make one now I know you know I am here and NOT commenting sometimes.

    Head hurts now after that sentence, so I’m to bed!

  6. Student – Thank you, thats great to know, I am touched… in a long distance kind of way 🙂

    Fi – Yes I am watching so comment, comment, comment 🙂

  7. I don’t often post on a weekend coz I run a pub and I’m busy… but you know what time I go and count the till… and you know why it takes sooooo loooong :o)


    Ummm actually i line liver&bacon&black pudd yum yum

  8. Mrs Hojo..

    were you drinking your wine again 😉

  9. I just read this to see what else you had to say.

    I still have nothing in particular to say but, yes, I am being watched and so I must comment. Is it still nice to receive comments even when they have no purpose?

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