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Another Casualty For The PC Banned Wagon

A school banned the making of Mother’s Day cards as they did not want to offend the 5% of pupils who had no contact with their mothers. The head mistress claimed it was in the interests of “sensitivity”.

What utter crap!

I remember the times at school I spent ages cutting paper daffodils and glueing them, and myself, to a thick piece of card along with old bits of wall paper to take it home along with my brother and sisters to present 4, pretty much identical, cards to my Mum. Was she grateful? I presume so. I know I like getting Fathers Day cards.

Should we ban Easter eggs in sympathy for those allergic to chocolate? Or so as not to offend fat people? We could ban hair extensions because it’s kind of like rubbing bald peoples faces in it. Let’s get rid of ear phones so we don’t upset deaf people, or better yet we should just veto sound. Let’s be really quiet so they don’t think they’re missing anything. Although, they may think we are taking the piss so…. it’s a tricky one.

Am I meant to feel guilty when I walk past someone in a wheelchair? Is it age-ist to walk quicker than an old person? Am I allowed to kiss my wife in public or is it a tacit admission of homophobia? We should ban hopscotch and blind mans bluff from schools because I’m sure all the amputees and blind folk would be royally cheesed off. The list is endless. I would say we should all stay indoors and say nothing but that’d be a red rag to the Claustrophobic Mute lobbyists. I apologise to any colour blind readers for the “red rag” quip by the way.

Enough is enough for God’s sake. Or Allah. Or Buddha. Or Ganesh. Or….. 🙄


6 Responses to “Another Casualty For The PC Banned Wagon”

  1. That’s so crap, those kids could make cards for their grannies, aunties, neighbours etc.

  2. Exactly, whoever does the caring in place of the mother could be given a card. It’s Mothering Sunday so it doesn’t have to be a dictionary definition mother.

  3. duh!!!



  4. OMG what utter crap … what about the sensitivity for the kids that are now upset they didn’t get to make anything???

    my god.


  5. The other day I watched the re-released Peter PAN DVD. Some of the content would never pass muster now as it would not be PC. Yet, the movie is a classic.

  6. I’m surprised they haven’t “sanitised” it for modern sensitivities. I’m sure they’ll get to it though.

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