the blasts, the fallout, the sickness and the diar[y]hoea

Woe Is Me

Ah, it has been a bust time lately hence my absence, for those of you who noticed. Work has been hectic and given the Mother’s Day debacle the home life has been a bit fraught lately also. Though I did manage to publish cartoon Monday for the… ooh, ones of fans out there who love it so!

Work is… well frankly work is Hell and I wont bore you with too many details, suffice to say Bullshit Bob 2 very nearly lost his job and cost the company a great deal of money. More later, if I can actually be arsed to get into it.

Mother’s Day should have been a nice time, Trinity and Guy came round for a nice meal with Enola and I plus Littleboy and Trinity’s kids. Unfortunately Littleboy forgot. Not a card or a gift, not even an Happy Mother’s Day wish for Enola. He rolled out of bed late Sunday morning and after mooching about apparently oblivious to the the occasion and a houseful of people muttered he was off to see his mates and vanished.

Enola was naturally upset which put a dampener on the whole day and when he finally rolled in drunk there was a huge argument between them that involved screaming, throwing of objects and ultimately a slap round the face for Littleboy. The following days have been uncomfortable and cold. But, last night there was reconciliation and though it is still a bit strained things seem to be getting back to normal.

Thankfully. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could take it. Anyway that’s where I’ve been, trapped in the grey purgatory between work/hell and home/hell.

I’m sure you wanted to know πŸ™‚


One Response to “Woe Is Me”

  1. I can’t believe he totally forgot!!! Outrageous!! Boys πŸ™„

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