the blasts, the fallout, the sickness and the diar[y]hoea

Things I Hate No. 2

People who phone me at home. Well, let me qualify that, sales people who phone me at home. Now I do make sales calls for my job, but only to people who are also at work. I do not want to have someone in an annoyingly upbeat voice asking if I would be interested in switching to Orange or have I got card insurance or is my home insulation performing to the standards I would expect? Not when I am eating my tea or watching TV after a long, horrible visit to Work/Hell.

I want to relax. If I want to talk to anyone on the phone then it should be someone I know and like.

Why do they think anyone appreciates these late night calls? What lonely arse! out there is encouraging them and giving them the sense that this intrusive behaviour is in any way acceptable? And why are they apparently invulnerable to rudeness and monosyllabic answers? And just what is vague about “I am not interested. Please go away!”? Anything?

I want to know where these people find me from. Not all are connected to companies I deal with and my number is ex-directory so just where do they get their information? It is all very Orwellian if you ask me!

Tonight’s call concerned a free trial of a Kirby vacuum cleaner that, despite Joe’s valiant attempts to convince me otherwise, I did not want – state of the art technology notwithstanding. After hanging up on him during his blurb about “quality, reliability and performance” I remembered a scene from Seinfeld that I wish I had thought of before ending the call. All tele-marketers who call after work hours are hereby marked as “deathworthy twunts”. Damn them all!


One Response to “Things I Hate No. 2”

  1. That is v funny.. I like it… That made me wish I hadn’t joined TPS so I could DO THAT TOO!!!! 🙂

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