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Idle Thoughts

Have you seen those Channel 4 fillers where they ask all the famous folk questions like what was your first car or what is one thing you would do before you die? There are others but I can’t remember them all.

They’re just time killing bits and I don’t really pay them any attention beyond being aware they are on, but now I am bored. Today has gone by in a monotonous drone of apathetic ennui (that may be tautology but I want to get my point across). And as my minds want during dreary moments it began to wander and those C4 oddments crossed it’s path.

The first car is easy. It was a beige Ford Sierra. Very bad. As for the second, that’s a different thing entirely. The simple answer is… everything. I want to do everything before I die. But I accept that is impossible. So what do I want to do most of all?

Tough. So many vie for first place. I’d like to own a gallery and paint masterpieces every day. I’d like to write a book. I’d like to design and build a beautiful building, a home. I want to travel for a year to see so many things. I could go on but those few are all joint first. Maybe the reason I haven’t done them is because I can’t choose between them.

Whatever, it whiled away some time thinking about it. It’s not really a meme but if you feel like it try it.

  • What was the first car you owned? (or for non drivers the first car you remember riding in)
  • What is the thing you would most like to do before you die?

I wont tag anyone, just try it if you feel like it.


3 Responses to “Idle Thoughts”

  1. First car was a Fiat 500. VTW 393L (18 years ago)

    I would most like to go away for a month, somewhere warm, with the family and chill.

    Oh Yeah, and world peace!


  2. I’m going to do this – just have to think about it first!! 🙂

  3. Oh Dear

    are you soooo bored you have stopped posting??

    or did you go and get a life you lucky duck


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