the blasts, the fallout, the sickness and the diar[y]hoea

Things I Hate No. 3

Adverts. Yes, pretty much all adverts. Some are funny and/or feature good music so I can live with them but the others I cannot stand.

In particular the Cillit Bang or Safestyle windows genre. The ones full of shouting, annoying men. Why is that necessary? What about a fat grubby bearded man makes someone want to buy windows? And as far as Barry Scott goes all I want to do is drown him in his Cillit Bang!

Then there are the finance adverts. Just employ some real actors, because watching Julian try to explain the process in a stilted northern accent while he grins inanely at the camera just makes me switch over! I really cannot bear them!!!!!

The other thing I hate is when you’re watching one of the big programmes, like ER or Lost or the like. The ones with the sponsors. You get the start, the intro part where they tease you with what’s happening in the episode and then the credits roll and then… advert. The programme is barely 5 minutes old and they’re already selling you wine. Ridiculous.

I could rant on but I wont. I will spare you the diatribe.


One Response to “Things I Hate No. 3”

  1. We have a customer in the pub called Barry Scott. He hates the Cillit Bang advert more than you do!!!


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