the blasts, the fallout, the sickness and the diar[y]hoea

I’m Still Here… So Far

It’s the 13th today. Friday the 13th. Oooohhhh!!! Lots of people have stayed indoors to avoid the bad luck but not me! I bravely ventured out despite breaking a mirror this morning. I also opened my umbrella indoors this morning so I was really tempting fate. On the way to work a black cat crossed my path and to avoid the little bugger I had to dodge under a ladder. I’m pretty sure I also stood on every crack on the way too so it’s not looking good for me.

Do I believe in all this? Not really but as I stepped onto a zebra crossing, an approaching car did not stop and I actually had to jump out of the way!

I narrowly avoided being doused in steaming hot coffee when a woman running for the bus stumbled by me and sent her Starbucks cup spinning toward me. Only some lightning reflexes saved me from a scalding.

The computers in my office crashed and as usual IT were unable to fix them, this messes up several jobs on the go at the moment.

I got three paper cuts in an hour and they all sting!

And I forgot to buy wine so I have to go out and risk my life once more.

Now, I know you’re thinking that only the little things actually happened. The car missed and the coffee too but somehow it makes me wonder if those escaped bad-luckets (a new word for bits of bad luck) will just come round again ’til they get me.

If I don’t post tomorrow then you know why. Good luck to you all.


One Response to “I’m Still Here… So Far”

  1. I didn’t stay indoors but I sure as eff wish I had.

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