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What Goes Around Comes Around… It’s Stupid Joke Friday

A rabbit goes running into a chip shop and frantically pounds on the counter, “I need lettuce! Give me lettuce, have you got any lettuce?”

“Err, no,” says the shop owner, “No lettuce, this is a chip shop.”

The rabbit rushes out and vanishes round the corner.

The next day the same rabbit hurries into the chip shop and bangs on the counter, ” LETTUCE! I need lettuce. Give me lettuce!”

The owner is a little annoyed, “I told you yesterday, this is a chip shop. We don’t do lettuce !”

The rabbit turns tail and sprints from the shop.

The very next day the rabbit appears, tears into the shop and yells, “LETTUCE! LETTUCE! LETTUCE! I want lettuce. I need lettuce. Give. Me. Lettuce.”

The owner is mad now, ” Look, I told you this is a chip shop. For the last time we don’t do lettuce. if you come back here again I’ll nail your bloody ears to the wall! GET OUT!”

The rabbit leaves quickly muttering under his breath.

The very next day, the rabbit speeds into the shop and runs to the counter and says, “Nails, nails! You got any nails?”

The owner is confused, “What? Nails? No. This is a chip shop!”

“Good,” says the rabbit, “Can I have some LETTUCE?”



4 Responses to “What Goes Around Comes Around… It’s Stupid Joke Friday”

  1. I know another version of this, I think it was a rabbit wanting a beer in a pub but had no money

    another goodie


  2. Yeah, I like this one.

  3. I’m also fond of…

    A man walks into a pub with a drip attached to his arm, he is wearing a hospital gown.

    Give me a double whiskey, quickly, he says to the bar man.

    What’s the rush asks the barman.

    You’d need one too if you had what I have.. says the man.

    Quick, another double…you’d need one to if you had what I’ve got.

    By now the barman is getting worried, what if this is catching he thinks to himself.

    One more double please bar man, says the patient, clearly uncomfortable by now.

    So what is it that you have, the bar man asks the patient…

    No Money!…


  4. funny 🙂
    I like it.

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