the blasts, the fallout, the sickness and the diar[y]hoea

It’s The Circle Of Life… Well Of A Week Anyway, It’s Stupid Joke Friday

A farmer wakes up one morning and is distraught to find his cockerel dead in its coop. This is a blow as he needs a cockerel to breed his chickens. He decides to go to the market to buy a replacement.

At the market he sees loads of birds, none of which seem to fit his requirements. At the last stall as he is disappointedly examining a poor specimen he hears a rattling from under a cloth at the back of the stall.

“What’s that?” he asks the stall holder.

“Ah… that is Randy. He is expensive.” the man replies.

“Can I see him?” the farmer asks.

“Sure.” the man whips a cover off a steel cage and inside is a magnificent cockerel. Strong, proud and brightly coloured Randy the cockerel struts about the heavy duty cage.

“Wow!” the farmer says impressed.

“Indeed,” the man says, “Randy is the bird that puts the cock in cockerel!” Even as they watch Randy mounts the cage and hammers away at the keyhole.

“How much?” says he farmer…… A few hours later after paying a huge sum of money the farmer is back at his farm ready to set Randy to his task.

“OK Randy,” he says, “get to it buddy.” He sets him down in the chicken coop. Quick as a flash Randy is off. Feathers fly as he serves all the chickens once then twice. There’s no stopping him; he pounds away at the holes in the fence, the holes in the coop.

The farmer is concerned he may hurt himself and opens the gate to go in and catch him. As soon as the door is open Randy dashes out and across the farmyard. Along the way he pounces upon ducks and geese shagging them all. Even the cat gets it and the sheepdog.

The farmer gives chase as Randy tears across the fields screwing the sheep and cattle too. All day long Randy gets his end away and the farmer tries to catch him worried the bird will wear himself out. Finally the farmer is too tired to continue and retires to his bed sad that when he wakes his prize cockerel will be dead while Randy rogers the horses and the tractor and rabbits and the fox and the….

Sure enough when the farmer wakes and walks out over his farm he spots Randy spread-eagled and motionless in the middle of the field.

“Oh Randy,” he sighs upset, “why didn’t you stop?” As he nears the dead bird he sees crows and buzzards circling getting ready for the feast.

The farmer stops at Randy and looks down upon him. “You poor bugger Randy. You were too good. The good always die young.”

As he bends down to lift Randy up, the cockerel opens one eye slightly and with a nod to the circling birds says, “Sssh… they’re getting closer!” 😆


3 Responses to “It’s The Circle Of Life… Well Of A Week Anyway, It’s Stupid Joke Friday”

  1. Hee Hee nothin stupid about that one, tis proper funny


  2. that is all sorts of funny!! like it like it!! 😆

  3. Oh that was bad….also funny

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