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It’s A Speed Dating Meme-Ish Type Thing

This is a little pointless but hopefully enjoyable post that you can take part in if you like. It’s aim is so we can get to know each other a little better. It occurred to me that in speed dating… err… dates? when the poor folk have only 5 minutes to get to know each other just how do they decide who they like. I can’t help but imagine them firing either or questions at each other until the bell rings and they’re off to start again. So here is a speed date type post meme-ish thing.

Answer the questions in any way you like. Some seem gender specific but try and think outside the box and see what they mean to you beyond the obvious. Or not. Really, I don’t know what to post today so I did this. 🙂

Also, the questions are completely arbitrary and are in no order. I just wrote them as they popped into my head. If it’s rubbish it’s because I didn’t spend any time thinking about it. 🙂

Now I considered tagging people with this. I have only tagged people once before and it caused quite a furore (what a great word) as one person I chose does not like memes. OOPS!

So…. tag or not to tag? Oh, what the hell! I tag Nutty Mummy and Attila and Beccy and Student Of Life. I apologise if anyone tagged doesn’t like memes. You are under no obligation to do it. Anyone who wants to feel free.


  1. coffee or tea
  2. beer or wine
  3. sweet or savoury
  4. blonde or brunette
  5. tall or short
  6. skinny or curvy
  7. beard or shaved
  8. marmite or jam
  9. city or beach
  10. movie or book
  11. revenge or forgive
  12. meat or veg
  13. spit or swallow
  14. gym or sofa
  15. cat or dog
  16. breast or bum
  17. GSOH or good looking
  18. left or right
  19. monarchy or republic

7 Responses to “It’s A Speed Dating Meme-Ish Type Thing”


    coffee or tea coffee, hate tea
    beer or wine beer, wine gives headache
    sweet or savoury i know I am old
    blonde or brunette brunette, not really a word I use for blokes
    tall or short inbetween
    skinny or curvy curvy
    beard or shaved shaved
    marmite or jam marmite, my mate!
    city or beach beach…. but not sunbathing
    movie or book book
    revenge or forgive forgive or forget
    meat or veg mostly veg
    spit or swallow eeeeeeeeeew neither is polite
    gym or sofa sofa or the great outdoors
    cat or dog both, cats are easier
    breast or bum bum, I’m not keen on men with breasts
    GSOH or good looking gsoh, but both would be nice
    left or right ummmmm ambidextrous
    monarchy or republic monarchy, love a bit od pomp

    great first date…

  2. 😆 thanks for the date

  3. Will get onto it!

  4. Questions asked here and answered over there! I posted them on my blog. Thanks for the date. It was hot. Are you going to answer the questions, too, or are you going to be all mysterious?

  5. I’ll answer them too, but always leave them wanting more… so I’ll keep you waiting for a bit longer 🙂

    Cheers for the date, it was special… in this case it’s your place and mine!!

  6. hmmmm. I’m onto it!! Leave it with me! 😆

  7. Here are my answers!

    1. COFFEE OR TEA: Tea, though I’m not very hot drink oriented
    2. BEER OR WINE: Hmm, more often wine but a beer is great too
    3. SWEET OR SAVOURY: Always sweet!!
    4. BLONDE OR BRUNETTE: Brunette,
    5. TALL OR SHORTt: I am tall
    6. SKINNY OR CURVY: Curvy is best
    7. BEARD OR SHAVED: I am shaved and I’d rather women were too
    8. MARMITE OR JAM: I like both, sometimes only one will do
    9. CITY OR BEACH: If there’s a beach in a city I’m happy
    10. MOVIE OR BOOK: I read all the time but going to the movies is a great night out in my book! 🙂
    11. REVENGE OR FORGIVE: Revenge
    12. MEAT OR VEG: Meat
    13. SPIT OR SWALLOW: I’m just grateful anyone puts themselves in a position where that might become a necessary decision to make
    14. GYM OR SOFA: The sofa is always closer
    15. CAT OR DOG: I don’t want either
    16. BREAST OR BUM: Breast… no, bum, no, breast…. no, bum… breast…………………………………bum!…..err…..
    17. GSOH OR GOOD LOOKING: Both! Gotta have both!
    18. LEFT OR RIGHT: Right handed, politically ambidextrous
    19. MONARCHY OR REPUBLIC: I am a monarchist

    Hope you enjoyed the date

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