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A Bird And A Gasted Flabber

BB1 has a girlfriend!

BB2 looks about ready to throw himself from something very high. It is very funny.

No one really believed BB1 (he’s not called Bullshit Bob 1 for nothing), he has often claimed to have a girlfriend and she always seemed to have other, suddenly more urgent, plans whenever an interoffice event was organised. So when he told us he had a lady friend his tale was met with a non-spoken yet tangible air of skepticism… OK, outright disbelief.

BB2 in particular has been very vocal in his efforts to disprove the existence of BB1’s “bird” as he calls her and as she will henceforth be known. As usual, the normal format was followed. On Monday it was arranged she would come in and say hi yet suddenly had to work through lunch, whenever she was on the phone BB1 hurriedly hung up at any suggestion of a conference call.  All this was enough to cement doubt for BB2 and even the text messages BB1 showed off proudly did nothing to change his mind. In general just another day/week in the office. I scarcely noticed.

BB1 has been increasingly annoyed and BB2 increasingly smug.

All that changed today when Bird came in to the office to take BB1 for lunch. BB2 was still denying it was true until Sourpuss came back from her lunch to announce she had seen BB1 with his tongue down the throat of a very skinny woman with greasy red hair… that would be Bird.

The look on BB2’s face was priceless. I am only sorry I couldn’t take a photo. I don’t think a flabber anywhere, ever has been so gasted!

BB1 walked into the office a while later as if he had the BeeGees playing in his head with a grin so big it’s usually not seen outside of Cheshire. BB2 was and still is engrossed in his work and has said nothing for hours.

Sometimes, despite this being Work/Hell my days are actually quite fun.

BB1 is now talking loudly about finding aphrodisiacs to make their first time “rock”. He can’t afford oysters though and Bird is allergic to chocolate.

I can hear BB2’s teeth grind as he silently endures his face being well and truly rubbed in it. 😆


2 Responses to “A Bird And A Gasted Flabber”

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  2. This is funny… it makes me laugh that she has greasy red hair… is she the last ditch attempt at coupledom for this guy?


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