the blasts, the fallout, the sickness and the diar[y]hoea

A New Meaning To “Dumped”!

I have been very busy. This is why I am posting for the first time this week and it’s Thursday! Terrible, and I missed another Monday Cartoon. I apologise.

Not much to say really except that the liquorice diet doesn’t work for boosting sexual prowess; it’s great for weight loss since you spend a huge amount of time on the loo (BB1 was already scrawny when he began the diet and now is skeletal) but for great sex find something else.

BB1 was dumped by Bird today. She said it “was her” and that “she wasn’t ready for commitment” but BB1 is convinced the trips to the toilet he had to make during their night of passion ruined the relationship. I think he is right. BB2 is being condescendingly sympathetic.

The lesson here is don’t take sex advice from a man called Dave who drinks alone every night in a dirty pub!

On a more positive note I saw Littleboy looking at college courses this morning! Amazed? Stunned? You can bet ya donkey I was.

Also today is 31st May. That means it’s World No Tobacco Day, so put those cigarettes away!


One Response to “A New Meaning To “Dumped”!”

  1. I only just saw this… so can we take it that Littleboy is progressing in life then?

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