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Repitition Is The Reality And The Seriousness Of Life…. Err… No It’s Just Stupid Joke Friday

A man is driving down a country road late one night when his car breaks down. Try as he might he can’t fix it so decides he to walk for help.

After about half an hour of walking along narrow lanes he hears a voice in the distance shouting “14!…14!” and then again, “14!”

Confused but curious and to be honest glad to finally have found someone who could help he follows the voice.

As he gets closer, he finds a high fence behind some nettles and he searches for a way through as beyond the fence he can hear the voice saying “14!….14!………………14!” loudly.

At last he finds a small hole and crawls through getting stung in the bargain and he sees he is in a large field, on the far side is a huge building where the voice is coming from, “14!”

He trudges along, tired and dirty over the muddy field to the building. He walks round the perimeter to find a door but only finds boarded up windows. Having gone nearly all the way round he sees a chink of yellow light from a boarded window and feels a rush of relief for he can hear the voice clearly now.

“14!” it says, “14!”

He runs over and sees a small hole in the board and the light from inside pours out, “14!” shouts the voice again.

The man stands on tiptoes and peers through the hole and a finger pokes out and jabs him in the eye.

He falls back with a yell and holds his sore eye and hears the voice say loudly, “15!”


Hope you like this one!   biglaugh.gif


4 Responses to “Repitition Is The Reality And The Seriousness Of Life…. Err… No It’s Just Stupid Joke Friday”

  1. I don’t get it, theres no lettuce or rabbit



  3. One of the few jokes I know without lettuce or rabbits Hojo! 🙂

    I love this one too Nutty, and the smiley is cool.


  4. it did make me laugh – so much so in fact that I took the time to re-tell it today to give some laughs at work.. 🙂

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