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The Union Flag…It’s In The Name!

Gordon “the devil” Brown called for a Britain Day. For once I think he may be right about something, though it pains me to agree with the beady eyed little rat. I don’t like him.

But the Britain Day is a good idea. He says we must reclaim the Union Flag from the far right racist twunts of the BNP. Absolutely! When did the Union Flag become a symbol for idiocy and hatred?

Yes, I freely admit I am British ad worse yet folks I am English. I don’t have any cool roots for anyone to come back from the colonies to claim. There’s no romantic Celt in me. Sorry. I am the Hollywood pastiche of tweed clad bookish snob who loses to the funky, brash American or I am the psychotic killer/criminal who eventually loses to the funky brash American. Alternatively there’s the historical movie which shows the English romping dishonourably across the world treading all the noble minorities down with atrocity after atrocity. Only to eventually lose to the funky brash American… playing the local hero with typical bad accent.

This is not meant to be a Yank bashing post though. It’s more to do with how we as British/English are meant to be quiet and ashamed of it. I am fed up with being expected to be an apologist for the culture I am part of.

Already we have seen councils rename Christmas to Winterfest and ban Christmas lights for fear of offended those who don’t celebrate the holiday. And Easter was banned from schools so as not to offend Muslim children. Then there is the council who banned pigs in any form from one of their buildings because they didn’t want to offend Muslims. This included pig figurines, calendars and even Piglet of pooh fame.

In schools teachers have stopped teaching the Holocaust as some students religions include Holocaust denial. The crusades are skipped over because History does not match what is taught in the local Mosque. And several parents expressed concern over the lessons on the Arab/Israeli conflict since it does not follow their denominations teachings.

The recent re-enactment of the Battle of Trafalgar to mark the 200th anniversary of the great victory was changed to Reds versus Blues because the Government didn’t want to upset the French and Spanish. Really? It happened in 1805, we won. Comprehensively. Should we rename Trafalgar Square and quietly sweep Nelson under the rug?

Several years ago it was announced that police officers using the phrase nitty gritty could face disciplinary action as the term stemmed from slavery. Does it? Did anyone know that? I use it and mot definitely do not support slavery.

So afraid are we as a nation a Christian charity actually censored itself by banning any Christ related gifts to be sent at Christmas during it’s drive to post presents to children across the globe because they didn’t want to upset any Muslim kids who might open a box and see a Christian themed gift or card.


I’m not religious at all, so should I not say that to any religious people lest I offend them? Or should they stop banging on about their respective Gods as it might annoy me?

Why can’t I say I’m British/English without running the risk of that being understood as a tacit admission of racist tendencies?

Seriously lets stop being ashamed. Why should we be? We have fought many wars against evil and for human rights. The Magna Carta is a document that forms the basis of many Constitutions around the world including America’s and also the US Bill of Rights.

Every year many people flock to our shores to make a better life, should we not try to ensure the survival of the culture that makes this country so appealing and actually be allowed to celebrate it? Include all those minorities in that celebration and finally put the racist element who tarnish our flag to rest.

The Union Flag is not synonymous with racial hatred and stupidity.

Fly the flag, be proud. flag.gif

On a less ranting note, I found this related bit and thought it was quite fun. Strange questions I think, though the point of having a Citizenship Test when our history is being eroded in schools is moot surely.Thumbs Up For Britain Day. And what about St. Georges Day, lets have a bank holiday for that, give the faux-Irish something to enjoy that they can really own. And the Queens birthday; even the Aussies, Kiwis, Fijians, Canadians, Gibraltarians, Bermudan’s and Falklanders celebrate that and get a proper holiday.!


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