the blasts, the fallout, the sickness and the diar[y]hoea

And Like A Boomerang Stupid Joke Friday Keeps Coming Back

Once more it is that time again. Friday has returned and brought with it a stupid joke. Be still your beating hearts, the long cold wait is over!

Two men walk into a bar at the top of a skyscraper, it’s a very high class spot and is full of attractive people (women).

Both men find a seat at a table on the terrace and order a drink enjoying the view. After a while, and after several drinks, a man staggers over to them.

“I bet you,” he says “that I can jump from this terrace and land safely below!”

The men are doubtful and don’t want to see the drunk jump to his death and try to talk him out of it. But he is having none of it and leaps over the edge.

The men are shocked and look over expecting to see him a bloody mess on the pavement below only to see him drift gently to the ground. Five minutes later he is back upstairs and being bought rounds of drinks by everyone and fawned over by attractive women.

The men are amazed and pull him aside, “How did you do that?” they ask.

The drunk looks at them for a moment, “OK. This is the secret. There’s a ventilation shaft below that spot and the updraft is enough to float you down to the ground. I do it every week and get all the women I want.”

“Amazing,” the men say. They look at each other and with a nod run and leap over the side. They fall swiftly and land heavily below. They die instantly.

The drunk shakes his head and heads to the bar to get a drink.

The barman sees him and says, “You know, you can be a real bastard when you’re drunk Superman!”



One Response to “And Like A Boomerang Stupid Joke Friday Keeps Coming Back”

  1. you know it’s funny… you’ve heard all these jokes before and yet.. every single one of them has made me laugh.. 😆 very funny

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