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A New Meaning To “Dumped”!

May 31, 2007

I have been very busy. This is why I am posting for the first time this week and it’s Thursday! Terrible, and I missed another Monday Cartoon. I apologise. Not much to say really except that the liquorice diet doesn’t work for boosting sexual prowess; it’s great for weight loss since you spend a huge […]

Rage Against The Beige… And Other Stories

May 21, 2007

I was in a shop today buying food. It was M&S for those detail dependent people out there. Checkout 3. I was at the end of the conveyor belt about to put my shopping on when an old woman comes from her checkout, where there was a price check delay and pushes past me asking, […]

It Brings A Whole New Meaning To ‘Liquorice Stick’

May 18, 2007

A small update on this post. BB1 has decided, on advice from a man in a pub, that liquorice is the cheap mans answer to Viagra flavoured oysters. And yes, I mean cheap mans and not poor mans. BB1 is a cheap man. He dresses entirely from Primark bargain buckets. Don’t get me wrong, there’s […]

A Bird And A Gasted Flabber

May 17, 2007

BB1 has a girlfriend! BB2 looks about ready to throw himself from something very high. It is very funny. No one really believed BB1 (he’s not called Bullshit Bob 1 for nothing), he has often claimed to have a girlfriend and she always seemed to have other, suddenly more urgent, plans whenever an interoffice event […]