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The Union Flag…It’s In The Name!

June 5, 2007

Gordon “the devil” Brown called for a Britain Day. For once I think he may be right about something, though it pains me to agree with the beady eyed little rat. I don’t like him. But the Britain Day is a good idea. He says we must reclaim the Union Flag from the far right […]

By The Way…

May 18, 2007

…today is May 18th! 😆 It’s International Museum Day today so go see some culture and in ancient Greece they would be celebrating the Festival of Pan and in Rome they’d be partying for the same reason except they called Pan Faunus. Good stuff hey?! Tell me you don’t feel enlightened.

On This Day

May 16, 2007

Despite the glaring lack of interest in the idea I am going to continue anyway! Today is Wednesday the 16th May and is Middlesex Day here in good old Blighty. Middlesex is the name of a historical but now defunct county though it still exists in name on some postal addresses despite being absorbed by […]