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They Thought It Was All Over… But It’s Not! Stupid Joke Friday Returns

October 5, 2007

The first Stupid Joke Friday for quite a while so I’m giving you a few to make up for it. I hope you enjoy! DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE… A juggler, driving to his next performance, is stopped by the police. “What are these matches and lighter fluid doing in your car?” asks the cop. “I’m […]

And Like A Boomerang Stupid Joke Friday Keeps Coming Back

June 8, 2007

Once more it is that time again. Friday has returned and brought with it a stupid joke. Be still your beating hearts, the long cold wait is over! Two men walk into a bar at the top of a skyscraper, it’s a very high class spot and is full of attractive people (women). Both men […]

Repitition Is The Reality And The Seriousness Of Life…. Err… No It’s Just Stupid Joke Friday

June 1, 2007

A man is driving down a country road late one night when his car breaks down. Try as he might he can’t fix it so decides he to walk for help. After about half an hour of walking along narrow lanes he hears a voice in the distance shouting “14!…14!” and then again, “14!” Confused […]

A Horse, A Horse, My Kingdom For A Horse… Would You Settle For A Stupid Joke Friday?

May 25, 2007

A man goes to the doctors. “What seems to be the problem?” the doctor says when he walks into the office. “Well… I have a lettuce…,” the man pauses embarrassed, “…a lettuce poking from my arse!” “Really!” the doctor exclaims. “Yes, and nothing I do will get rid of it!” “Hmmm,” the doctor ponders. “OK. […]

No It’s Not Groundhog Day… It’s Stupid Joke Friday

May 18, 2007

Three rabbits escape from a laboratory and quickly run away across the fields glad of their new found freedom. They’re walking along sharing their horror stories of what experiments they endured when after a while they come to a field full of lettuce and carrots and other wondrous vegetables. The three bunnies are overcome with […]

It’s The Circle Of Life… Well Of A Week Anyway, It’s Stupid Joke Friday

May 11, 2007

A farmer wakes up one morning and is distraught to find his cockerel dead in its coop. This is a blow as he needs a cockerel to breed his chickens. He decides to go to the market to buy a replacement. At the market he sees loads of birds, none of which seem to fit […]

And The Punchlines Just Keep On Coming… Stupid Joke Friday!!

May 4, 2007

Why are pirates called pirates? Because they arrrrrrrrrrre!! 🙂 A funny local news story also… Two boys were arrested for playing with fireworks and car battery acid during the early hours of last night. One was charged and the other was let off! 😆 Two for the price of one today as they are a […]

What Goes Around Comes Around… It’s Stupid Joke Friday

April 27, 2007

A rabbit goes running into a chip shop and frantically pounds on the counter, “I need lettuce! Give me lettuce, have you got any lettuce?” “Err, no,” says the shop owner, “No lettuce, this is a chip shop.” The rabbit rushes out and vanishes round the corner. The next day the same rabbit hurries into […]

Stupid Joke Friday

April 20, 2007

A man is lost in the desert, he’s crawling through the dunes dying of thirst. He’s about to give up and surrender to the circling vultures when on the horizon he sees tents. With a new burst of strength he crawls to them. He reaches the first and says to the man outside, “Water, please… […]